Are All These New Big Time Bloggers Well-Spoken and/or Posh??

A really short rant! I’ve just seen the Zoella advert on T.V, it’s the first time I’ve heard her voice as I’m not a watcher of YT vloggers and she is posh and well-spoken.

No biggie but I’ve also noticed this is the same for most of the other recent bloggers who have launched their own lines. I can’t clearly detect any regional accents or even the various London suburban accents and its making me wonder, are we (bloggers) being selected and discriminated or not by how our voices sound by PR companies or blogger platforms?

It’s unfair if this is the case, but it isn’t surprising as I said it’s just something I noticed. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?



4 thoughts on “Are All These New Big Time Bloggers Well-Spoken and/or Posh??

  1. Zoella is not what I would describe as posh, she often gets her words in a twist and she is actually quite ditsy in the way in which she describes things, confusing her words just like 99% of the population. She also started out by using a written blog so she couldn’t have been picked for her accent. Just a thought šŸ™‚

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    • Do you not think? Maybe it’s the part of London I’m from that makes me think that. I love a bit of ditz, I meant the actual accent rather than the words she uses.. nevermind we all have our own interpretation I guess, probably my age. Thanks for commenting my love xxx


  2. I think the bloggers aren’t picked for their accent but appeal to worldwide audiences because their accent sounds nice and is easy to understand. Someone with a really thick accent wouldn’t get such a big audience because people wouldn’t be able to easily understand them and wouldn’t watch. There are some bloggers who I think over articulate and I actually don’t like them because of that.


    • I hear what you’re saying, I have noticed that I don’t ever hear dare I say it.. cockney type accents or South London as an example. I could be wrong though it’s just interesting..thank you for commenting hun xxx


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