Are All These New Big Time Bloggers Well-Spoken and/or Posh??

A really short rant! I’ve just seen the Zoella advert on T.V, it’s the first time I’ve heard her voice as I’m not a watcher of YT vloggers and she is posh and well-spoken.

No biggie but I’ve also noticed this is the same for most of the other recent bloggers who have launched their own lines. I can’t clearly detect any regional accents or even the various London suburban accents and its making me wonder, are we (bloggers) being selected and discriminated or not by how our voices sound by PR companies or blogger platforms?

It’s unfair if this is the case, but it isn’t surprising as I said it’s just something I noticed. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?



Great Expectations Of The Modern Kind

One of my biggest problems in life are my expectations. I expect people to treat me how I treat them, I expect them to have the same level of compassion as I have and I expect them to (wrongly so) be like me. All in all, I expect too much, and this is why I end up getting my feelings hurt all too often.

Apart from the crisis that is happening in my life right now (lhaving to couch hop, loss of our home, no paid job…) I’m actually coping quite well I think, so I decided to pop into town and do a spot of window shopping and this was when I not only bumped into 1 old work ‘mate’ but about 3! Of all the bloody days. Thank fuck I had washed my hair and done my make up.

It’s always the same questions I get asked: “What are you doing now?” “Still looking?”. I decided to say I was blogging instead of repeating “nope, nothing yet”.

“Oh cool, blogging what?”

“Everything lifestyle really” I reply

“At least you’ve found something you enjoy”

Then like an idiot I ruin it by saying “yea but It’s not paid I still need a job and I just don’t know what else to do, I apply to about 25-30 a week”

“But you’re happy aren’t you, that’s the main thing” She replied.

I felt like saying, being happy isn’t going to pay the bills!!!

I think everyone assumes I must be on benefits (I’m not eligible) the way they are just so smug.

The old co-worker who is a manager of her department (when I was working with her, I too was part of the management team on a temporary contract) then proceeded to tell me how since I’ve left, the company are opening location after location and are constantly recruiting hence why she is so busy as she is a trainer now too.

At this point, I was hoping (expecting) after knowing I’m looking – she would ask me if I was interested in coming back, seens I’ve already been trained and what-not. I even mentioned the thought had crossed my mind to re-apply – she still said nothing.

After saying our good-byes, I left feeling really rubbish. My confidence and positivity had just plummeted. If I was in her shoes I would have said “hey give me your CV, your details, I can pass them on as we are recruiting” or “why don’t you apply here?”

This is the part where my great expectations completely do me in – it’s my own fault I know.

I came ‘home’ feeling really upset and sad. The other ones I’d mentioned I also bumped into, they had gone on to bigger and better things/jobs/places which made me feel evenworse. I’d always heard the rumour of, to get a job you need to have a job, I believe that now because I have more varied experience than these guys yet they have succeeded where I have failed.

The lesson I keep having to re-learn here is: Stop assuming, Stop expecting, Stop hoping?


What To Expect At Your First Blogger Event

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to an event of any kind actually, even though I’ve had my various blogs for a while now I just never fancied attending any events until recently.

In the Summer I attended my first blogger event with another blogger pal of mine, I had an idea of what to expect but I wasn’t too sure, so it did make me a little nervous because   there are some bitchy bloggers out there and I just didn’t want to deal with that at my age.

So I went with an open mind. I’d heard so many good things from other people saying how they had made so many new friends at these places and that everyone is welcoming and friendly and so on, so I thought it was time to make the leap.

FIrst off, I’d like to say that I don’t mean to generalise and lump all events into one big fat chunk, I understand this isn’t the case and that it is all relative. But with that in mind, this is how I personally found it to be like.

im quite intuitive, I think I’m a good judge of character and my first impressions of people and places are usually spot on. As we were shown to the special “area” we met the PR peeps who I have to say, were so lovely and friendly in a completely natural way.

When you go to your first event you will notice the SLR Cameras hanging from many people’s necks. Don’t be intimidated by this, I can’t afford one and I’m happy using my iPhone, but my friend commented that if she wasn’t a tough bird it would have probably made her feel like she was less of a blogger for not having one.

I was expecting more chatter between the bloggers, I ended up chatting more to the event holders and the special guests. Throughout the evening I kept hearing comments being made by 2 bloggers in particular, I don’t know if they just felt they were better than everyone else or just were natural bitches but it put me on edge as I couldn’t understand why they were being so unfriendly. After a couple more of their sniggers I decided to move away from where they were standing because it was making me want to leave.

If I was on my own I would have only stayed about 15 minutes, I was expecting something akin to the Twitter Chats or blog comments where people are bubbly, enthusiastic, have lots to say and are eager to say hi!

Amongst the weirdness there were 3 lovely bloggers who we ended up hanging out with and we exchanged our details and had a good old time checking out the products on show and listening to the amazing VIP’s.

In the end we all decided to leave just as it was getting super duper packed with what I call ‘the big time bloggers’ who btw were so obnoxious and big headed. There was very much an invisible divide once they arrived, it is what it is I guess.

All in all, I’m glad I went, but I came home feeling very inadequate about my blogs and my writings, I don’t know if this just was a one-off but I was quite disappointed with the lack of camaraderie.

The new people we met was a plus, even though no word or tweet or reply or comment has been heard from them since. It left me wondering is this all a facade?


Bloggers and Twitter: Are There Rules I Don’t Know About?

I’ve been a user for about 4 years, but it’s only in the last couple of years I’ve been extremely active on it – especially since I started blogging.

But there are things to do with the Twittersphere + Blogosphere that I just can’t quite get my head around and just don’t understand so I’m hoping to get some answers that will shed a bit of light on it.

The blogging world is based on community and support (supposedly), showcasing our work while forming networks and building our following base. So why is it that many bloggers just don’t follow back?

Bloggers: How do you choose who to follow and who not to follow? Do you have some sort of selective profiling system?

I’ve always felt it rude not to follow a fellow blogger back, I’m beginning to think I’m alone in this way of thinking or im just too polite for my own damn good.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my own Twitter rules:  No following egg pictures/spam bots/annoying sales & marketing companies/businesses that look fake and anything that has nothing to do with my likes and hobbies.

I’ve also noticed a certain circle of bloggers will only retweet from that said circle – I feel sorry for the newbies as I think this is what scares them off.

it doesn’t just end there though, the same applies to replies. Favorites are great but (if you’re too busy) even a one word answer would suffice sometimes – no?

Speak to me fashion beauty lifestyle health whatever kind of blogger you are. Tell me why you don’t follow or reply back?