Coffee Date Disaster

Coffee dates with friends are something I relish nowadays. With everyone so busy with their own lives it seems everyone has time for a cup of tea or coffee so I always grab this opportunity to meet up with any of my friends (before they all disappear!)

It’s a great way to catch up, have a spot of lunch, pop into a shop or two and you can do that in just a few hours – with still time left in the day to do your regular little chores.

So, why is it that I have just returned from a coffee date with one of my oldest friends and I just feel like shit. There was conversation, yummy drinks, the weather – beautiful, we got along perfectly as always, so why do I feel worse than when I left the house?

I feel drained, sad and hurt. I admit that many topics were of the moaning variety but isn’t that the norm when girls get together? One moans to other, leaning on the other one’s shoulder? Is it that I’m not managing well with this type of chat any more because I have enough to deal with myself and to hear someone else’s all the time is just too much? Maybe, I think it is, I’m such a good listener I don’t realise I’m soaking up all the angst when it is not even mine.

But what can I possibly do? Say no to invites and then lose what friends I have left, altogether – we can’t all be the same and I fully accept that, but as of this moment the only thing that is stopping me from crying is writing this post. Unfortunately, there are some personality types where you can’t bring these types of things up, you will just get cut off or not spoken to again. Some people are just like that, they don’t argue back or give an answer they just vanish and you never hear from them again.

I don’t want to risk this, so I let this consume me which isn’t good either.

Well all I can say is thank you for listening while I have a good old fashioned vent myself! (how ironic) I hope you have a lovely evening and I’m determined not to let this ruin the rest of mine!



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