Why Can’t I Get A Job? | Tea & Lipsticks

I’ve asked myself this question so many times over the past year and a half. It’s got to the point now where I view the interview as a game, with different levels that head towards the finish line.

The Interview Game

1st Level
– Introduce yourself

2nd Level
– 1st assessment

3rd Level
– 2nd assessment

4th Level
The face-to-face interview

Last Level
– End game (getting the job)

When I finished college, many years ago, I didn’t have someone telling me how to apply, how not to apply, what to say or what to write. I just did and said what came into my head and I got the job every time, many times on the spot.

This time, I wanted to hit every angle with my job search, I have listened to so many ‘advisers’ and googled so many tips – and you know what? None of it has worked, not one thing these experts say. Because of this, and my desperation I decided to go back to what I used to do, even if it is the wrong way, I was curious to see what would happen.

My Experiment

2 weeks ago, I just got really angry with this job hunt that I got one of my CV’s (I have 3 to 4) changed, added and edited my personal profile to words that came into my head, words I thought stood out and liked, instead of the traditional cover letter (which by the way I have never used until recent years) I wrote/typed 1 short paragraph/1 long sentence which included a phrase that I had used once before that got me a call within a few hours.

That was that, I applied to about 5 jobs to test it out, if the CV and Cover Letter got selected that would be 1 obstacle out of the way, as we all know, it’s getting our application noticed that is equally as hard. Even the experts can’t get it right (I’ve had one completely change my CV’s to how they said would work and I didn’t even get to an interview stage.

1 year – 2 interview requests (with CV experts)
1 week – 3 interview requests (my own help)

4 days later and not only did I get 1 request for an interview but 3! I had NEVER had so many interview requests at the same time EVER. Whatever I did must have worked, it had to be, it was the only thing I changed.

This just goes to show how much BS is floating around and that we should always, always, listen to our gut feelings, even when others say it’s wrong!

Has this happened to anyone else? Everything I did contradicted what I was told to do, seriously, even I could start calling myself a CV Consultant at this rate!

I am a little bit shy in telling people what words I used and how I phrased things but I want to help others so if anybody is interested let me know in the comments section.



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