What Shall I Do Today All By Myself? | Tea & Lipsticks

It was this morning when I realised that I am a very lonely person. I’m really happy and I know a number of people (family not included), have a wonderful husband, but I’m really lonely.

My husband was setting off to work this morning and as I was saying goodbye I began to think; what shall I do today? By the end of the week all chores are covered, I’ve finished my books and checked in with my older relatives on the phone (to see how they are) so, what shall I do?

It’s a miserable day, a perfect coffee morning kinda weather – but out of the 6 gal pals that live nearby none ever pop over for a coffee date. My mum says this changes once your kids go to school as you gain school mother friends. Is this true I wonder?

I’m not depressed or sad which is a bloody good thing but it is still annoying how today I would like to spend time in the company of others and I know it ain’t gonna happen.

I sometimes wish I had online pen pals or something to just pass the time with on days like these. I am probably my own worst enemy; I keep myself so busy during the week that on the rare occasion I have down time I just struggle to relax.

What shall I do today? I guess I will just sit here all by myself😊



What do you think? I'd love to hear from you <3

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