Putting My Foot In It

I got a text earlier today from my friends’ significant other asking if I’d seen her. In the confusion instead of replying no, I texted my friend to double check all was ok? That I’d gotten a text and didn’t want to say the wrong thing (girl code ya know) and what did she want me to say.

I got a reply, except it wasn’t from my friend, it was from her partner from her phone which was forgotten by mistake. My heart immediately sunk to the pit of my stomach. He was annoyed with me I could tell, he had been told that my friend would be coming here to visit me which made it all even more confusing.

Maybe she was on her way for an impromptu visit I thought. No, no she wasn’t, he had found her at a relatives. I actually started to worry has something happened? What should I do?

It turned out to be all a joke to wind him up, I wish I had known before I put my foot in it, I would have known what to say. Now I feel that not only is my friends partner angry with me, but he probably thinks I’m a liar or untrustworthy which is the worst, I have anxiety in the pit of my stomach and I feel ill, even though I know everything is ok I still feel like I messed something up.

Next time I get a text like this if I ever do again I’m just going to pretend I didn’t receive anything rather than get nervous anxiety for feeling like I put my foot in it.



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