Adult Runaway

Ever since I can remember if things got too much, if I was fed up with my job, love-life or particular friends I would immediately make plans for the quickest getaway, albeit, a vacation but still it was my sort of ‘runaway’. Escaping from everything and everyone even for just a few days made me feel so much better.

This is in fact how I met my husband on one of my ‘runaways’ many, many years was either quit my job or jet away – I chose the latter. ¬†Because of situations since then, that was my last escape, I mean I have since traveled..well visited relatives, supported my hubbie with his deployments and stationing, been a guest at a wedding..but it just isn’t the same. For me, getting away means going somewhere alone, with a friend, or your chosen one far away where you don’t know anybody and nobody knows you.

I know it isn’t anybody’s fault but I am yearning for that feeling, I have this urge to just runaway for a bit, getaway from it all just for a little bit, to somewhere new for a little while, not worry about money, finding a home, a job,..the list goes on. ¬†I want space from people, I don’t want to keep thinking “I better remember to reply to that text otherwise they will get mad” constantly, weekly and monthly. I want a Sunday where it is just me and my love, having a lazy day, just ‘being’.

You could argue I could just book a bargain deal holiday and that would be that. Unfortunately no..not this year or even next year we just can’t..

Will I ever get to runaway from this life for a bit, even for just a day..? Who knows..but if I do I will be sure to let you know..



I’m only saying this because I care…

Those were the words my childhood best friend said to me as she dropped me off from a lovely afternoon meet-up in town.

She wasn’t being mean or anything, she just felt the need to tell me her concern as to why I haven’t had children yet as I’m 34 and as she sweetly put it .. don’t you want to be a young mum? Aren’t you worried about not being able to conceive? No, not really I replied. I have never tried so I’m not going to worry about something that hasn’t or has happened yet.

I know she think she is helping but honestly, not only did that ruin my whole day, she has made me feel like shit with what I view as interfering comments. It’s nobody’s fucking business and I can’t seem to get that through people’s heads.

I can never, ever tell her to shut the fuck up as she would be broken hearted at the thought of upsetting me and at the same time defensive, so I just keep it inside and try to distance myself a little until I feel bad for distancing myself.

I think some people/ friends/ family are so righteous they feel they have the right to be what is basically very rude and impolite.

This isn’t the first time nor will it be the last I imagine that I will have someone declare a caring bit of advice. Fuck off and leave me the fuck alone, it is none of your business when I decide to do anything. Just go away!


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